Welcome back!

After my previous post being out in the world for a little bit I decided to come back with an update meets follow up post I guess we can call it. 

I have felt nothing but amazing support, love and appreciation for where my post took whoever read it. The messages and texts from people telling me how much they could relate to what I was saying was crazy to me. We all hope that there is people out there in the same boat as you but its hard to sometimes dig into peoples souls about what is going on inside. So to all those who reached out to me- thank you. Thank you for taking my extreme vulnerability and understanding it without judgement and applying it to yourself and your life to realize that as dumb as it sounds you really aren't alone in this and we have people to lean on.

Moving forward I don't have any real plan where I want this space to take me and what I want to write about. I have tried to map things out and create these amazing and fancy plans for how I want things to go for my old blogs and it never went anywhere so perhaps not having a plan for it is what works best for me. Thats how I have lived my life so far and not having a plan is the best plan for me.

Live your life, dream your dreams.


Kelly Louise