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Alex + Nicola

Hey there! Happy Sunday (:

I had the absolute privilege of meeting up with Alex and Nicola and it was an absolute dream! Both some of the kindest people I have met and again reminding me that I have the best "job" in the world. 

Allison + Mark

I sound like a broken record but I am so lucky to have have all you amazing couples some how find me. After each session I always feel such love and joy that I can't explain. These two definitely were not an exception to that.

They stayed outside while it was raining, hailing and flurries with nothing but awesome vibes and were always down for anything.

As always hope you enjoy, xo

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Mariesa + Chris // Lincoln RI

Mariesa and Chris. What can I say about these two besides they are the exact people that make you feel alive and give you purpose in what you do. Mariesa was one of the winners of my Thanksgiving giveaway and I couldn't be happier she was. From the moment we walked up to each other the good vibes where there and shooting with these two was a breeze. 

Here are a couple favorite shots from our time together, enjoy! 

Jackie + Nathan // May 2017

Oh what a great day it was!

Starting off at Jackie and Nathan's amazing historic house I got to spend some time with Jackie and the girls getting ready for the big day!

jThe amazing details of the house definitely inspired me to work outside and inspired the rest of the day.

From their we head to the Foster Country Club where we celebrated and saw some amazing dance moves!

Hope you enjoy some of my favorites from the day!

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Emily + Erik // May 2017

Hey guys!

Today I wanted to share Emily and Erik's wedding with you!

Not only was this a great way to start off my 2017 season but it was also published in the 2018 edition of  Engaged magazine !

Days like this one is exactly why I do what I do. Their day was personal and catered to E+E perfectly. They understand the whole point behind getting married- to be with the person you love. Not for a show and to please everyone around you.

We celebrated their wedding with family and best friends (and donuts) and walked around the city like we have known each other for years.

Below is some vendors used for the day and some favorite shots! Enjoy!

Getting ready location- The Dean Hotel

Flowers- Whole Foods

Shoes- Free People

Grooms Suit- H&M

Ceremony- Prospect Terrace Park

Cocktail Hour- Hot Club

Reception + Catering- Milk Money

Donuts- PVDonuts



- Kelly Louise

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Boston Engagement

A couple weeks ago I made the trip up to Boston to photograph Brianna and Rich's engagement photos and they did not disappoint!

Brianna had some family members with her and they kept me laughing the entire time as we ran around the library and outside. 

Are you in Boston and recently engaged? Don't be shy to send me a message- I love mixing up my locations and heading to you!

Lauren + Kevin // Providence RI

Leather jackets, your closest friends and family, the best city in the country and a lot of love?

Lauren and Kevin sure know how to have a wedding day, hope you enjoy some of my favorite portraits from working with them!

Photography is magic

Photography isn't about big mountains, expensive dresses, likes on IG (even though those are all great) it's about this. Was just shown beautiful wedding photos from a dear friend from his 1946 wedding to the love of his life. Leo recently lost his wife and finds so much comfort in these images, he is so proud to be married to her and show these photos. Our conversation is exactly why I pursue this career. I am constantly humbled by the love and support of my clients and being trusted with such monumental day in their lives. I've dedicated my soul to photography and hope that some day 70 years from now you can look back at photos I've taken for you and feel how you feel in that captured moment. I love this job I love you all. Thank you forever. Photography is magic.

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2017 Product - Canvas Frame

Hey all!

If you follow me around social media you have seen me posting about my products for this year, and hopefully some photos of this! My canvas frame is held together with two beautiful pieces of walnut and hung with genuine leather. 

Each piece is hand made with love here in Rhode Island by myself and my boyfriend. We are in love with bringing photos to life and sharing tangible items with you. 

Now these are available for purchase to all my past clients as well as if you have a photograph you would like to be made into one!

Be sure to contact me with any and all questions, I plan on blogging more about my products in weeks to come!

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Jess + Bobby // Downtown Providence Session

I absolutely loved this session with Jess and Bobby. Their love was so visible and made our time together a breeze. 

I messed around with a few different editing techniques in this session and really love the turn out as well as the way the photos tell a story and flow well! 

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Q + A - Why I became a Photographer

I never really realized when I truly became a photographer, It was always just something that I was working on. I started in high school (about 8 years ago- WOW time flies) photographing in Boston and shooting mostly my friends skateboarding because I thought it was cool. I was convinced I'd be living in California and always at the Venice Skatepark shooting for skate magazines. How life changes!

From there I would just shoot literally anything around me. I remember tying scarfs to trees in my backyard and thinking it was amazing capturing the movement of the scarf in the wind.

As I continued I started to integrate people into my work- not really having any idea how to properly use a camera just loving using it. I think thats where I truly started to fall in love with photography. The process of working with someone to create a vision you have in your mind, seeing it come to life and sharing it with those who care about your work. It was like magic. 

From portraits I got picked up by Free People shooting for their social media platforms and then with working with engaged couples and weddings which is where I focus most of my time currently. I am obsessed with engagement shoots. I could do them all day, everyday. I love the pure happiness and joy between two people and being able to freeze time for them to look back on. Those sessions are when I feel so at peace with myself and the path I am on.

So to go back and answer the question after that short, unintentional mini bio I never felt like I chose to become a photographer. It was just something always inside of me that I was passionate about and loved doing. 

Right before my grandmother passed away she told me to find what I loved to do and run with it. Once she passed it was clear to me photography was what I loved doing and to keep her with me I added her name- (Louise) to my business name. So thank you Nannie for making me find my passion and purpose in the mist of loosing you but keeping you close with each shoot I do. 

Kelly Louise is me thanks to you. 

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Grace + Josh // In home session

Grace and Josh are one of those couples that you can tell you will be friends with for a long time. I first met them back in September 2016 for there engagement session in downtown Providence and since then have met and shot since. 

This was there in home session right before Christmas, one of my favorites to date. If you follow me over on Instagram (@kellylousiephoto) you know how much I love in home sessions. There is something so special about being let into a couples space where they are most comfortable and able to capture them so relaxed and relaxed with you. Its so personal and intimate to have photos of you and your loved one in your home.

Hope you like them as much as I do

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Allie + Andy // Engagement session

*Literally* from the moment I pulled up to Allies childhood home I knew this session was going to be a good one. Not only was it so much fun working with these two but the location was BEAUTIFUL!

It seemed like every turn we made was even better then before and I just kept putting them in different spots because I mean look at them!

I can't wait for there wedding next year!

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Julia + Jeff // Engagement Session

This engagement session was beyond amazing! Julia and I have followed each other on Instagram for awhile now and I was so excited when she asked me to do her photos for her!

Right when we first met up she told me that her sister was about to have her baby and that she was waiting on a text from her mom telling her when she was born. And let me tell you when we found out that her (new!) niece was born it was one of the most beautiful things I have ever witnessed. Her and Jeff were beyond thrilled and it was so amazing to be able to capture that huge moment in their lives together. Pretty great timing if you ask me!

I hope you guys like the images I wanted to share as much as I do!


- Kelly Louise

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B + E // Fall Session

If you have been around for awhile or follow me on Instagram (@kellylouisephoto) you have definitely seen this amazing couple!

Brianna and Eric are great friends of mine and are always the best to photograph! I love the natural love we capture during their session and being apart of it is such a great feeling. 

Hope you enjoy some  of my favorite shots from our fall session together!

- Kelly Louise

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Grace + Josh // Providence, Rhode Island

Sharing some favorites from Grace and Josh's engagement session from earlier this week!

I loved running around Providence with these two and how open they were to trying ideas I had and of course for being so cool when Mother Nature decided to rain on us! 

I'm telling you guys- nothing compares to love. Nothing.

Kelly Louise

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