Q + A - Why I became a Photographer

I never really realized when I truly became a photographer, It was always just something that I was working on. I started in high school (about 8 years ago- WOW time flies) photographing in Boston and shooting mostly my friends skateboarding because I thought it was cool. I was convinced I'd be living in California and always at the Venice Skatepark shooting for skate magazines. How life changes!

From there I would just shoot literally anything around me. I remember tying scarfs to trees in my backyard and thinking it was amazing capturing the movement of the scarf in the wind.

As I continued I started to integrate people into my work- not really having any idea how to properly use a camera just loving using it. I think thats where I truly started to fall in love with photography. The process of working with someone to create a vision you have in your mind, seeing it come to life and sharing it with those who care about your work. It was like magic. 

From portraits I got picked up by Free People shooting for their social media platforms and then with working with engaged couples and weddings which is where I focus most of my time currently. I am obsessed with engagement shoots. I could do them all day, everyday. I love the pure happiness and joy between two people and being able to freeze time for them to look back on. Those sessions are when I feel so at peace with myself and the path I am on.

So to go back and answer the question after that short, unintentional mini bio I never felt like I chose to become a photographer. It was just something always inside of me that I was passionate about and loved doing. 

Right before my grandmother passed away she told me to find what I loved to do and run with it. Once she passed it was clear to me photography was what I loved doing and to keep her with me I added her name- (Louise) to my business name. So thank you Nannie for making me find my passion and purpose in the mist of loosing you but keeping you close with each shoot I do. 

Kelly Louise is me thanks to you.