What is a Wild Hearted Woman?

Happy Sunday all, if you celebrate Easter- Happiest of Easters to you!

I have pretty busy on my end of things, in the process of moving into the most adorable apartment in Providence with my boyfriend, Free People shoots, fashion shoots, and scheduling more weddings for the summer!

However something that I have kept in my mind during all that has been these sessions- Wild Heart Sessions. Through various inspiration drawn from fellow photographers I think I have finally found my niche of where I want to take this. It is still a little scrambled but bare with me! I find that things that are simple, pure and natural are being looked over. Sitting down for a coffee just relaxing, breathing and journaling. Moments without technology and just you being yourself.

I can remember my middle and high school years so fondly and how much I hated them. I never liked who I was, what I looked like and had no concept of self love or knowing who my true self was. I basically hated myself. And as I write this for many to read I can remember wanting to reach out in the past and write about my struggles but feeling like I couldn't because I needed to hide the truth of myself but as I have written in previous posts, I am done with that and feeling like now is the time for me to open up about life and the reality of it all.

A Wild Hearted Woman to me embodies all that I see myself and other woman around me. A strong, beautiful, confident soul who is proud of who she is and who she is becoming. I work predominantly with woman I hear the insecurities all the time and it breaks my heart to hear them, constantly being begged to Photoshop certain features they think are "ugly" "fat" or "horrible".... NO WAY GIRLFRIEND! 

During these sessions we will talk about life, things we love, laugh and be our true selves. Being in front of the camera is a nerve wracking experience but at the same time is so empowering! I promise you that you are as gorgeous as I tell you and hope that after our time together and seeing yourself so powerful in the images helps you to see that. 

So as I have said things are still a little bit scrambled but I would love the chance to talk to you more about these sessions and experience.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have, have a happy day!

Kelly Louise