I suppose a 2016 intro.

Hey there!

I feel like 2016 has kicked my ass already I don't know about you. So far I have hit my car, gotten sexually harassed and assaulted, got second degree burns, admitted to myself I have an eating issue, my dog almost died, questioned my self and who I am as a growing 20 something girl in this world.

Recently I have felt BEYOND stressed about where and what I want to do with this life I have been granted and I will be there first to tell you I have zero clue. I am very thankful to have amazing support from friends, family, boyfriend and mentors cheering me on during this awkward  part in my life where I feel like I am just scavenging for the next cup of coffee and a cute boho dress to wear. 

As a photographer I find myself often questioning myself most often than not. Am I creating work that I feel passionate about or just creating images that other people will like? That has been something hanging over my head recently. Growing up I always knew I was an artist of some sort, always searching for what niche I fit in best and fashion/ photography pretty much fell in to my lap after three years working in a hair salon applying root colors and giving blow outs. And what I have come to realize is just trust yourself FIRST. Never work for something for other people or approval from others. I am working towards creating my own path my own life and figuring it out along the way.

The reality of life is that it can suck sometimes to put it plainly. Take that night to feel pathetic and emo about everything. Watch that marathon of Parks and Rec. But wake up the next morning ready to face the reality that you are here now and truly it is up to you to create this beautiful life that you dream of daily. 

I don't know what your dream is or your dream life but I have been promised by various people that if I (we) work hard enough, stay focused and true to yourself it will come true. 


Kelly Louise 

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