Exploring Providence with Chris

Earlier this week I met up in Providence with one of my friends Chris and had a great time photo taking and chit chatting about living the life of a rolling stone. It is always fun to walk around places you normally ignore and don't get to truly appreciate and give yourself the opportunity to take it all in- the small little details you miss that mean so much to the experience as a whole.

Myself alike he is a photographer who is super talented at what he does, and is now the fiancé to one of my favorite girls- Allison! I have photographed her (Allison) before and was excited to work with Chris behind the lens. 

We shot in some cool locations on the East Side of Providence and love how the photos came out. I edited them a little bit different from my normal style but love the vibe they give. 

Hope you like em' 

live simply.

dream big.

be grateful.

give love.

laugh lots.

all good things are wild & free 

there is always something to be thankful for


know who you are: love who you are.

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Kelly Louise